The United States is on the clock………


After a bold trade in the first round with little thought to the long term consequences, the United States is now on the clock for their second round pick. 
“Mel, where do you think the United States should go with all the needs it has?”  said me

“Well, David.  The United States’s moves are limited by that trade they made in the first round.  They lost a ton of bargaining leverage in that 5 for 1 trade.”  Mel

“Mel, looks like we have another trade from the United States……………boy not sure where they can go with this one?”  me 

“David, inside sources have confirmed that Obama has a trade in place with the Russians…boy not sure where the President can go with this one or who on the roster he has to trade.”  Mel

“Mel, here comes John Kerry to the podium, boy Mel does it look less and less like Secretary Kerry is even from Earth or is it just me?  Sorry, I digress. Here is the Secretary.”  me

“With the first pick of the second round in this years foreign policy draft, the United States has made a trade with the Russians.  The United States is trading Alaska, Washington State, Oregon, and Northern California to the Russians for considerations of returning the Crimea to the Ukraine by next years draft.”  Secretary Kerry

“Holy f@#$%&^ s(!#, Mel.  What is the President doing!!!!!” me

“David, sources close to the President said the Russians demanded all of California, but the President wouldn’t budge off just Northern California. I guess trying to bounce back from looking soft and clueless on that first round move.”  Mel

“Boy, in the long proud history of the United States franchise, I have never seen such buffoonery and incompetence.  This will set the United States back for decades.  I am not sure it can get much worse than this?” me

“David, sources say the President is currently in talks with the Iranians about possibly trading intercontinental ballistic missile technology for a public recognition that it does in fact say “Israel” on most maps and not “Zionist Pig, Who Should be Slaughtered”.   Going to be a long two years, I fear….” Mel

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