Middle East Solution

The Middle East has been a hot bed of instability with no real solutions ever coming forward. The list of lost American lives in the Middle East is becoming too long for me to bear, so here is my solution to the problem.
I understand that a solution from the mere pawns in the geo-political chess game will go unnoticed and will never happen.  But it is time that we pawns start demanding solutions, not band-aids of diplomacy.
The cornerstone of this plan is to put the “moderate” Muslim into action or flight, their choice.  Many have asked,
“Where are the moderate Muslims demanding a stop to the actions of radical Islam?”
Why speak up when you are effectively being protected by the United States?  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Dubai, and those here in the United States are in no hurry to confront radical Islam; they will be bound and shot right next to the Christians for not being Muslim enough.
The most likely outcome of the destabilization and fracturing of the Middle East is a Middle East dominated by Iran, both politically and militarily.  Most would scream that is a bad thing but I disagree.  Iran is using radical Islam to foster the change I am proposing already.  Iran has dreams of being a player on the world stage, returning to the glory of her past, the Persian Empire.  Remember, the Iranians are Persians not Arabs; they look down on the Arabs, who they will gleefully subjugate. It is why they are desperately scurrying to get a nuclear weapon so as to hasten that move to world prominence and make it harder for the U.S. to confront them in the Middle East.   Why not simply get out of their way?
  • First we need to have a policy that is an unwavering backing of Israel. The doctrine must be stated loudly that any actions on Israel is a direct action on the United States and will be met in kind. No exceptions.
  • Next is an open plan with a withdrawal date of the closure and removal of all military hardware from Saudi Arabia.  Depending on the information source there are none, one, or five US military installations.  Follow that with an announcement of an Iraqi style training program of new Saudi forces to take over the security duties once performed by the United States.  Repeat the procedure in Turkey and Kuwait.  The first removal of troops would come with in 6 months of the announcement. That alone would set the wheels of fracture in motion.  This should scare the hell out of those in charge in the Middle East, after seeing how well that worked in Iraq.
  • Finally, is withdrawal of foreign aid to all nations in the Middle East.  The sucking sound of the power vacuum created by these moves would be audible around the globe.  I predict Iran would move quickly and unilaterally to fill that void.  Since they are, for the most part, in control of the radical wing of Islam, moderate Muslim nations would rush to Iran for protection from those elements of Islam. There isn’t one country shy of Egypt with a military capable of standing against the Iranians.  The actions, if any, would be swift and decisive.
When the dust settled you would have a powerful Iran, instead of countless little enemies running around the Middle East, we would now have just one.  One with new economic might and standing around the globe.  Iran, which already has a strong Western undercurrent in its culture, would quickly move to a more political state versus Islamic one.  Iran would then slowly snuff out the terrorist elements populating the Middle East.  Because the Iranians, just as the Saudis do now, would have much economically to lose over an unstable and radical Middle East.  The Saudi’s foster terrorism precisely to keep the U.S. in the Middle East, for they know without the might of the U.S. military their royal empire would quickly come under the control of Tehran.
The key is one source of power in the Middle East not the 100’s we see today.  The only stability the Middle East has ever known in recorded history is when it is dominated by an empirical force.
That is my kooky idea in a nut shell feel free to make fun or poop poo, but it would work.  History shows us the way if we would just follow it.
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