War is an Ugly Business…..Do You Have What it Takes to Win??


dresTonight we will be treated to the words “limited” “manageable” “measured” out lining the Presidents plan for dealing with the never ending war against terror.  This war will never end simply because no one has the stomach for actually fighting a war and making the decision to extinguish thousands of human lives with the stroke of a pen proceeded by a vote in Congress.

I am going to share some numbers with you.  World War II was going into it’s seventh year in 1945 with no real end in sight.  Two foes badly beaten, but committed to fighting to last the man and the last bullet in Germany and Japan.  This is what it took to end that conflict.


  • February 13-15, 1945  Dresden, Germany 2,200 tons of phosphorus bombs are dropped on Dresden.      Causalities   estimate 135,000
  • March 9, 1945 Tokyo, Japan  2,000 tons of phosphorus bombs dropped on Tokyo                                          Casualties 130,000  
  • August 6,1945  Hiroshima, Japan Casualties  80,000                                               
  • August 9, 1945  Nagasaki, Japan    Casualties  40,000

That is 385,000 civilians mostly women and children dead in 4 “measured” air strikes against a committed enemy.

Think ISIS, Hamas, al Qaeda, etc…are any less committed?

Germany surrendered in June of 1945.  Japan six days after the bomb fell on Nagasaki.

So before you get all worked up about the President’s plan or lack there of, these are the steps a nation must be willing to take in order to defeat a committed enemy.   aen

Any other approach is only political theater being played out with the lives of the brave men and women of the U.S. Military, frankly I am tired of the ham handed approach this country has taken.  If you are of the ilk that the US needs to be the world’s police force, then I expect to see you demanding a “fire bombing” campaign to break the will of those that support these terrorist. Anything short, then you are no different than the President.

Wars are won with sheer will, brutality, and a commitment to using what ever means necessary to break your enemies will to fight.

Not on barstools, Facebook posts, or tough talk at family gatherings.

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