Ebola by the numbers…………..


As the hysterics rage in the United States about Ebola, I am yet again stunned at my fellow citizen’s willingness to just throw their rights away and cede them to a collection of buffoons that can’t balance a simple check book.

In the aftermath of 9/11, there were apparently terrorist around every corner, under ever Bush, and waiting in every alley in America, so the Patriot Act was spawned. The single biggest piece of legislation that sweep the 4th Amendment and your Miranda Rights right out the door.  All the government needed to do was label you a terrorist and boom you could be targeted for drone strikes, held without charges, and arrested for no reason.  Secret FISA Courts have swept away unlawful search and seizure, phones are tapped, emailed looked at, etc….etc…..  American public response “If you don’t have anything to hide, let them look”

Even when Edward Snowden showed the depth and extent of the invasion on ordinary citizens, a yawn.  When thousand upon thousand of Bostonians had their 4th amendment rights trampled by guys in armored vehicles and full combat gear searching for a wounded unarmed teenager, nothing. IRS targeting political enemies of the President some cries but all water under the bridge now, I guess.

Now, Ebola, politicians and Federal bureaucrats are knocking each other asses to the ground racing to the nearest podium clamoring for the right to quarantine anyone who may have or is suspected of coming in contact with another person who has or may have Ebola.  The American citizenry once again cheering big brother on saying “It is all for public safety…..”

Well I for one am sick of my fellow citizens throwing my Constitutional Rights away because they are scared that ISIS or whomever is around the corner or that they might get freaking sick!

So in the name of safety, here are a few things to consider, by the numbers…….

Currently there are 3 active case of Ebola in the United States that is 3, which is less than the number of cups of coffee the average American drinks in one day.  According to the CDC and no American Citizen has died of Ebola inside the United States and only ONE person actually contracted the disease inside the borders of the US.

  • Based on those figures you have a 1-in-111 million chance of getting Ebola in the US
  • You have a 1-in-175 million chance of winning the Powerball Lottery drawing
  • You have a 1-in-700,000 chance of being struck by lightning in the next year which falls to 1-in-3000 over your lifetime
  • You have a 1-in-4000  chance of dying in traffic related accident
  • You have a 1-in-18,000 chance of being murdered
  • You have a 1-in-26 chance of developing cancer in the next year and a 1-in-4 chance of developing cancer over your lifetime.

You have 100% chance of never getting back the power you extend to government!

Just think of the awesome power to simply tag someone with a contagious disease and have them swept away for “public safety”?

Conspiratorial, paranoid…..maybe………. but who would’ve ever thought the US government would use drones to kill American citizens with no charges, no trial, no conviction in a court of law and the people would cheer?

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6 Responses to Ebola by the numbers…………..

  1. Mike says:

    I agree with this 99% except for – “thousand upon thousand of Bostonians had their 4th amendment rights trampled by guys in armored vehicles and full combat gear searching for a wounded unarmed teenager” – Didn’t this poor defenseless teenager just murder 3 or 4 people and maim two or three hundred others? Hadn’t those guys in full combat gear just been in a full scale fire fight with him and his brother?

    • bumps67 says:

      They did denote a bomb that killed and injured many at the Boston Marathon all other acts are disputed in intensity and exactly what happened. With all that being said, what about those sequence of events gives the authorities with no evidence, no probable cause, and therefore no chance of obtaining a search warrant the right to demand access to thousands of residents homes in full armor and heavy weapons? The fourth amendment is there to protect us from the state, so when we find it okay that because of some terrible event its permissible to run rough shot over the Constitution is a dangerous position to adopt.

      • Mike says:

        You’re probably right, bumps. They should probably have just gone door to door in t-shirts and shorts and asked everyone if they had misplaced any high explosives on the Boston Marathon route, or knew anyone that might have, or if they were hiding anyone in their house who might have done that or maybe shot a campus police officer in the face, or if they knew how to denote a bomb or what is meant by a rough shot.

  2. bumps67 says:

    Your ease with embracing a police state is disturbing. “What if” is folly in this case, we know what happen there is no maybe or could. You probably see yourself as a true champion of freedom, yet you are what endangers its very existence. While I enjoy interacting with readers, I find no point in “what if”, “could’ve”, or any other dreamed up sequence of events. Plus if you don’t realize that the police can’t knock on your door and demand to search your house without a warrant, than that is sad all by itself.

    • Mike says:

      bumps, you are typing too fast. Your fingers can’t keep up with your brain. You need to calm down. There is no one in battle rattle coming to get you. You are WHAT endangers clear thinking. I thought you English chaps were supposed to be a little cooler than average. While I enjoy interacting with bloggers, I find no point in “oh my, the sky is falling!”

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