Alex…..I will take Banana Republics for…….


$5 billion

  • This nation spent and issued tens of trillions in taxpayer funds and debt, crushing the growth potential of future generations, just to bail out a banking sector full to the brim with criminal “riggers”, where bubble mania was so pervasive not a single bank would have survived absent a global central bank bailout, and where bank executives wouldn’t bend over for anything less than a million.

“What is the Weimar Republic, Alex?”

“Sorry, that is incorrect…..What is the United States….the United States…”

“Okay, I will take “Sound Banking” for $10 billion, Alex”

  • This nation just sentenced two senior officials of a bank that collapsed under $1 billion in debt to 15 years in prison each for embezzlement and fraud.

“What is Switzerland, Alex?”

“Oh sorry, that too is incorrect……..We were going for…”What is Afghanistan”

“The Kabul Bank’s former chairman Sherkhan Farnood and former chief executive officer Khalillulah Ferozi were sentenced live on television, after a two-day appeal against earlier sentences of five years in prison. They have already served more than four years of the original sentence.

A panel of five judges at the Kabul Appeals Court also fined Farnood more than $237 million.    The court also ordered the assets of Mahmood Karzai and Hasin Fahim, brothers respectively of the former president and deputy president, along with 17 other defendants, frozen until their debts are repaid.

“If there is any delay in returning all the outstanding debt, they will be dealt with by the courts,” the judgment said.

You see when the politicians charged with controlling “the Wolves of Wall Street”  all want cushy jobs on Wall Street when their political careers are over……Eric Cantor, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, etc… those still in Washington are on the dole from Wall Street this is the lunacy you find in the world.


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