This Isn’t What Was Intended……………


Our founding fathers didn’t mean for us to accept tyranny by “compliance”, I have heard all day that if Eric Garner had just “complied” he would still be alive. I guess if the gentlemen at the Boston Massacre had just “complied” the logic would hold right?

Well that is horse shit, Eric Garner didn’t wake up setting out to protest the abuse of his government of excessive “taxation” nor did the men at the Boston Massacre think that was their last day on earth. Their governments set out looking for them and those like them.

 If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”   Thomas Jefferson

Government as a whole is dead ass broke from unfunded pension obligation to over promised welfare benefits. So the State is starved for revenue…… well… fines, tickets, and citations are revenue streams that the public don’t grab their pitch forks over when they are strictly enforced or raised.

Eric Garner was committing the crime of “tax evasion” and the state of New York cracked down on him and those like him.  Eric Garner as a result ended up dead.

Government are putting police in conflict with citizens over issues that shouldn’t be concerns of the cops. Tax collection

Government is abusing it’s power and trust over its starvation for revenue. You can’t have a declining number of people working coupled with an exploding dependent class then think the math will magically work itself out. 

The above is the final chapter of every major power in recorded human history….

…….an over indebted government, an over taxed working class, and a surging welfare class all come in conflict with one another the results thus far in history have been pretty consistent when it happens.

What will our story be, this time?

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