Rule of Law……

The following is an opinion piece, simply my observations.  It is meant to cause you to think of the police’s role in our society and how it is changing not to quickly jump to the conclusion that I hate police officers.

In a healthy, moral and civilized society defined by the rule of law, police  play an important role.

They should be people who come from the communities they promise to “protect and serve.” They should view themselves as a part of these communities, not as something separate and distinct. Police should see their jobs as having a great degree of risk, and must be willing to accept that risk.

This means not pretending to be a solider at war, not choosing the most violent solution to every problem, and not viewing the citizenry as milk cows ready and willing to be drained of their assets via civil forfeitureThis is a sweeping generalization of police action in the United States, but it is quickly becoming the norm among police departments around the country.

The show of force is escalating in virtually ever police and offender encounter.  SWAT teams, military hardware, and a show of force that would make the US military jealous.


imagesNJV7SAMMKabul, Afghanistan?  Nope, Boston, MA after the Boston Bombing

When did these guys…………………………………………….            beat                                                                                              miltpolice

……………….become these guys??

Ferguson and New York City will leave us arguing about “racism” in America, fighting over the semantics of how someone should be arrested, what someone should do while being arrested, but will those events address the actual culture that is growing in America’s police department?

The divide that is a mentality of “Us vs Them”, cops feeling as if they are going to war, which in some parts of America is true.

We are losing “To Protect and Serve” it is being replaced by “To Control and Contain”.  The very people the citizens will demand “fix” the police departments are the very ones changing them in the first place.


Your anger over the actions of police departments in recent weeks needs to start, stay, and never waiver.  It is government that has become the problem.  The actions of any police department is driven by the elected officials surrounding it.

This is government expansion of power 101.  Do nothing as things get worse and worse, wait for the citizens to become upset and demand change.  Then government will come in accepting no blame for the problem they created and proclaim the only way to fix the problem is even more government control.

Be careful what you ask for, because what you are going to get will look more like the picture below than you expect.  The actions of a broke over indebted government are dangerous ones.

Remember, government only cares about more government

warrior cop

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