Response to an Email…………..

ChristI don’t get many emails tied to this blog and I try to respond each one I do get personally.  I have been very lucky.  I don’t get many hate filled rants reminding me of what I know already about myself from grammar mistakes to my stupidity.

I got an email that made me step back and think.  Look at what “they” done to us as people, “they” are those in power, trying to get power, or grow that power.

The gentleman who emailed me gave passionate examples of black on white crime that didn’t make the news and is very upset with the treatment of police officers and the difficult if not impossible job they are asked to do.

It caused me to realize just how successful “they” have been in destroying our Faith in God, faith in the system, and our faith in each other.   The following is my response in all its grammatically incorrect glory.

History is an unfeeling and unkind log of current and past events.  It doesn’t factor in actions of the past, contributing to the actions of today, it simply points the way of what has been and gives us insight into what one can expect.
In a quest for power, politicians, media figures, businesses have sold their integrity and souls in search of that power, yet at the heart of that power is the ability to group us, divide us, and allow ourselves to not be seen as individuals but simply as members of a group. History is filled with examples from Rome to the Nazis.  Whether that grouping is by our skin color, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation, the longer you identify yourself as a member of the group and not as an individual the more powerful the system becomes.
The Constitution is a collection of individual rights, it never addresses group rights anywhere in the document.  The founders knew, individuals can’t be controlled by a central authority, but groups can be controlled. So when you play to the fact that this person was killed by black people because they were white or white cops kill black kids because they are racist.  The system feeds off that, it needs that in order to function, for its power to be strengthened.
I don’t know you, but you are well thought out passionate person.  Evil doesn’t have a skin color, doesn’t care about statistics, fairness, or good press coverage.  The events you describe in your email are simply evil not some black agenda or white agenda just evil.
Evil can only be met with good, the light, and Faith in order to prevail.  It is why that when one looks at human history.  The path to power is greed, lust, envy. gluttony, pride and when embraced will prevail more times than not to weld that power, but good always topples evil for it can not stand in the face of Faith, Love, and simple goodness.
Treat people as individuals, stop identifying with groups, and embrace the good in humanity and attempt to spread it.
Merry Christmas
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One Response to Response to an Email…………..

  1. Kendm1 says:

    LOL! So now there’s a “group” that rightly attempts to “just see the good” in people and do right.. hmm.. sounds like what everyone has been trying to do for millennium.. and now we are at the precipice. Unfortunately for any who are peaceful and do not condone violence the surrounding “groups”, government included, are pressing in with hate and anger while the peaceful leftovers are trounced upon. Though in some ways I’m glad we are not as they were in the Founding days of our country (our representatives and governors etc. use to shoot each other in our own Capitals) If the government had a healthy fear of it’s people we would most definitely not be where we are today. The greatest nation and system the world has ever seen is about to implode to ignorance, self loathing, greed and immorality that looks upon others in disgust and does not lend a hand where needed. So while the good people sit back and say “what can I do about it”? They plot their own futures and wealth while we wait to die..

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