Someone is Telling a Fib…………….

As the leaps, bounds, and throwing oneself off a cliff to come to a conclusion on the North Korea hack of Sony.  Time apparently isn’t used anymore to develop the facts, create a story, and come to that conclusion.

Well someone is lying…………….couldn’t be the mouth piece for the administration The New York Times could it??

Well here are two conflicting conclusions, one are tech geeks the other are political hacks pretending to search for the truth.


Here is the full story from Wired


Here is the government release sorry The New York Times story

I know it is cool to be on the cutting edge of the next big move in geopolitical game playing out by governments around the globe.  Try to remember the end game for all governments is greater control.

There is a bigger story out there, sadly we will never know, everyone has made up their minds and are salivating for the next story of which to show everyone just how smart they are in the geopolitical game of chess.

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