Political Correctness’s Violent Conclusion……….


The Paris attack is political correctness taken to its violent and inevitable conclusion. Free speech and politically correct speech can’t coincide in a society. I have watched over and over now squishy pant liberals defending free speech all the while condemning the speech of Charlie Hebdo.

When you extend rights to individuals for simply being members of a group be it their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc….. then proclaim certain words or slang terms can’t be used to describe these members, well the events of Wednesday in Paris become a when not an if.

You see for every Gandhi in the world there are a whole collection of a**holes, sh!# heads, bigots, racist, and down right rotten people. But when you embolden those people with the notion that they are special just because of their group membership, someone always takes that to the extreme from any given group. So, to exert the notion that Muslims, gays, blacks, Hispanics whoever are not capable of being a**holes, sh!# heads etc…and you punish the people not part of that group for pointing out that Achmed or Jerome are a**holes by calling them Islamaphobic or a racist. You embolden the bad behavior of both men. (See countless terrorist attacks in Western society, Ferguson, MO or NYC)

Political correctness is nothing more than political control.  It is a round about way of self censorship coupled with a “shaming effect” for those that dare step outside the lines.  It uses no written laws to achieve its end goal of censorship, so it is enforced by citizens themselves.

Well the violent conclusion tends to end up like……………. three pissed off Muslims killing 12 people for nothing more than not liking what they said with their “free speech” and feeling they had a right to kill those people for that speech in the name of tolerance and political correctness.

Look around at the media and the fear of offending or becoming the next Charlie Hebdo, I’d say the effect of censorship via a violent out burst was a smashing success.  It even will extend to those that will dare stand up to Islam as they will be shouted or shamed into silence for fear of provoking another violent enforcement of the “Verbal Morality Code”.

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