Propaganda = Perception

Looks like the Paris Unity Rally was like everything else in todays world; propaganda designed to show you, the average citizen, how much our leaders care.

Well, turns out they don’t care all that much, as the world and the American right clamor that President Obama himself or some high ranking dignitary should have attended the march, looks like it was nothing more than your standard photo op.

Argue all you want he should put forth the optics of the office of the President, should have at least got off the couch from watching football and sent someone there…….knowing it was nothing more than a photo op designed to give the impression these leaders were at the very front of the outrage in Paris and the world…………how would the world and the Obama haters have reacted now, that you know?   It was nothing more than a Joseph Goebbels inspired propaganda stunt?

The photo the world saw……….


The photo as it was actually taken on an empty street, under heavy guard, and no where near the march itself.


Ask yourself this question, if the leaders of the world with armies at their disposal don’t feel safe among their own citizens for fear of falling prey to a terrorist attack………………..How are they going to keep you safe?

Source of the photos………..

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