History From Brian Williams…………….

Steve:    Damn it! Stop making fun of Brian Williams! He’s telling the truth! I know. I was with him on that chopper when it was shot down. Right over Kabul. We crash landed and took on heavy small-arms fire from the Vietcong.

MarySteve, I don’t mean to make you look bad, but don’t you mean when you were with John Kerry and Hillary Clinton? You obviously misremembered.

John:   And you were killed! Right? I remember reading about it!

Brian:   That was you? Damn, dude so sorry, I was sure you guys were IRA attempting to over throw the Crown. Sorry got to run, Lord Cardigan is assembling all troops…..some big Charge we are going on this afternoon against the Russians. Dude is so grandiose, probably thinks someone will write a poem or some such crap about our efforts…..tell you about it later.

Steve:    It was a long time ago…. but I still remember all those anti-aircraft tracers, shooting up through our rotor blades, right over Macho Grande…..

Steve Mohrbacher's photo.
JohnJust before the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor…
SteveWe’re talking about the Korean War here, John FOCUS!
John:   Isn’t that how it started?????? Oy Vey!
Steve:   Of course not! Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination. It set the whole thing off. But we shall never know Oswald’s true motives, since he was killed by Jack Ruby.

Steve:   Still can’t believe you barefoot hippie draft-dodgers would question ME…. the decorated captain of this Swift Boat, shown here as I patrolled the Mekong Delta.

Steve Mohrbacher's photo.
John:   Yer helmet’s on backwards.
Steve:   (sigh) Oh, really? Exactly WHICH direction do you think my boat will be rocketing, when I open up with that 50 cal ?
Brian:  Steve, that’s PT-109 OMG you were the jerk that left Kennedy to the Japs. Boy history is clearing up now.
Steve:   It was a tough command decision. Somebody had to be thrown overboard to lighten the load so I could escape at full speed. I chose “pretty boy” Jack. I knew that he’d never amount to anything.
BrianWell, I was the commander of an Aircraft carrier who moved close to that island after I heard a call for help…..could’ve been a rubber raft but anyways…found young Jack. He was so grateful, I became his Chief of Staff, when he became President.
Never understood what drove his decisions over those brief years…Bay of Pigs……
I say “Jack stupid idea let’s wait see what happens, then will act.” He clears his desk of everything…….screaming
I will amount to nothing……will see about THAT!!!!!!”
Then Cuban Missile Crisis comes…
I say…”Jack they are bluffing, there isn’t shit on that ship, they are crazy…” He yells…….
I have been left once for dead…..well no MORE…….bring it ON!!”
November 1963, Dallas…….
I tried to say “Jack, its November a convertible is stupid, plus with the Bay of Pigs and the………”
I was thrown out of his office with him yelling…”No ONE has believed in me, NO ONE, I SAY………..you don’t like it then quit!!”
Last time I spoke to Jack……..sad really……..could have been a good story one day.
Steve:   Who you kiddin’? Even if Kennedy had a mild skin infection, he wouldn’t have appointed you Chief of ….. STAPH. unsure emoticon
BrianWhatever, I destroyed the Empire, only to find out my love, Princess Leia, was my sister, my best friend was doing my sister, my sworn enemy was my father, and a dwarf toad was my path to salvation……….you are so judgemental….no wonder the Vietcong hated you, John Kerry wouldn’t let you on his boat, I tried to shoot you down over some place misremembered, and Jack wanted you dead…………….
This is history from a liberal Democrat member of the media…….unbiased of course
**Thank You to some friends for putting this historical account together**
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