US Dollar Explained in just one quote……..


“Once upon a time, your dollar was as good as gold.  Then for many decades, they said your dollar was backed by the full faith and credit of government.”

“Do you know what it’s backed by now?”

“Used Car loans, bad home loans, distressed assets, and derivatives…..”   Rand Paul in Iowa

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Reality can be scary sometimes, just ask average people in Greece right now, but the policies of “Pretend and Extend” have to stop.  Just because you live in America doesn’t mean…. worthless money, mountains of debt, and runaway spending won’t catch up with US.  It will and it has, so when the truth is told about the “pretend and extend” policies of the establishment, you will know.  They will be called “out of touch”, “radical”, “kooky”, and the catch all “out of the mainstream”.

Rand Paul and a few others are telling you the real problems America faces……right now for the most part they are being ignored.  Greece ignored those that dare expose the inevitable of too much debt and run away spending.

Will you?

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