Propoganda Today…..News as it is sold to you


This is exactly the fear mongering that happens in the news today all directed by your friendly “elected” government officials.

Ukraine is now being pushed front and center again.  You ignored it when the “liberty movement” funded by the United States toppled the democratically elected regime in Ukraine.

You turned a blind eye when Russia took Crimea away from the Ukraine….even though the citizens of Crimea voted to leave and join with the Russians….hint they are all Russians for the most part in Crimea anyways.

MH-17 was suppose to make you care………….yet…nothing really.

How about a Republican Senator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma along with 16 other Senators including Marico Rubio and Ted Cruz sponsoring a push to arm the Ukrainians against their Russian aggressors!

See attached video…….

Oooooooops turns out many of the photos the Senator used were……….well….freaking fake.

Like the fine shot pictured below with the original photograph from 2008………details…details

Believe whatever you want, that ISIS is around every corner, that Russia is set to take over the world, that North Korea hacked a major technology company or that the US should intervene in the Ukraine with arms because America arming opposition groups always goes so well…………..Egypt, Iraq, Syria, blah, blah, blah….just remember Our government has an agenda as well 


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