Evil Has a Face……….

70 years ago American and Russian forces came across the atrocities of  WWII, Jewish Concentration Camps or Death Camps.  6 million innocent men, women, and children were murdered for nothing more than religious identification, JEWISH.

So repulsed by what he found Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered towns people of the Polish and German cities which housed these camps to be brought to see the EVIL they had ignored for their own safety.


Evil comes with a face, but yet humanity seems to struggle to label evil for exactly what it is?


You can hide behind tolerance, you can hide behind Political Correctness, but you can’t hide from EVIL because it doesn’t attempt to hide.  It is comfortable in plan site, it hopes to disgust you, it hopes you turn away, because only in the absence of good can EVIL spread.

It has a face…………………ignore it all you want……………it won’t ignore you unless you stand


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