Your Future In Charts……….

After a landslide election, our President continues to defy the will of the people, the newly elected Republican Congress and Senate are caving at a rate that would make a Florida sink hole jealous.

So what will you do………what next?  Is there a magic candidate that is going to reverse the path we are on?

History says no, many of my friends, colleagues, and family think somehow 2016 will be different than 2000, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012, and the latest 2014.

Yet simply paying attention tells us that we moved onto a path of destruction in August of 1971 when the United States fully defaulted on its debt obligations around the world by abandoning the gold standard and officially ushering a world dominated by fiat currency.


… or that it now takes virtually unlimited monetization of the debt shown above to preserve the illusion that the US is not bankrupt, pushing the S&P to record highs in the process…

… or that the marginal impact of every additional dollar in new debt generates increasingly less economic growth?

Indeed, the “most important chart” may very well be any of the above, but in my view the one chart which, both literally and metaphorically, will determine how much longer the US will reign as the world’s dominate player and will “Fundamentally Change America…..”, is the following.

You see elections don’t change the course of history.  War, economic collapse, and systemic violence seems to be the only catalyst that humanity responds too……
Where do these charts point?
All of the above if you were to ask me………
But I am just one of those crazy conspiracy guys……..
Whose batting average is pretty high right now
As a good friend of mine might say………………………”just sayin”…..
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