Before You Judge Baltimore………………

bmoreThe American Revolution, French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution……….are all “riots”.

It is easy to label those in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York City…as thugs, criminals, blah, blah…
So were the founders of this nation, they rose up against the state, they were thugs, criminals, and traitors to England and if caught would have been executed. Just because you agree with the state in these cases of recent history, doesn’t mean those rioting are unjustified in their grievances against the state.

Sometimes civil unrest is all that gets noticed by those in charge……So be careful labeling these people… day it may be you…….do you not feel the power of government encroaching on your life? 

God knows I do, where the hell do you think government begins that power grab?

The poor, the weak, and the voiceless that is where tyranny always starts, because by the time they get to the wealthy they have to much to lose to raise their voices…

Just a thought.

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