Wouldn’t It Be Nice…….

The news media, sports media, and social media are all a buzz about the talk that Tom Brady “probably” and “most likely” was involved in the deflation of footballs before the AFC Championship game.

I have heard the torch and pitch fork crowd call for year long suspension, stripping the Patriots of their Super Bowl title, on-and-on.  May none of you end up in our legal system and be sent to the “grey bar motel” on “probably” and “most likely”.

The American sports fan now has a complete grasp of the effects of 1 psi of air pressure on a football and how it performs at different temperatures……hell they even under stand the concept of “atmospheres” in relation to psi.

Wouldn’t it be nice if what they know about this……………..deflated-football1

They could transfer that passion and thirst for understanding to the effects of this on their future, their children and grandchildren’s future……wouldn’t that be nice.

Every trillion dollars added to the national debt results in roughly $15.89 billion in interest only payments at an interest rate of 2.43%.  President Obama has added over $128 billion in interest payments alone since taking office. It now stands as the fourth largest outlay for the Federal Government.

But that cheating bastard Tom Brady should fry, but yet I bet none of you knew the effects of a measly $1 trillion dollars but could go on for days about 1 psi of air pressure in a football.

It is called perspective.

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