Cancer and Politics…….

I have thought about this topic since June 16, 2015, when I was told I had one of the rarest form of cancers on earth………….cardiac sarcoma…..cancer of the heart.

I was floored by the news.  I was 47 years old in good physical shape, married for 23 years to the most amazing women on the planet, had two young sons 11 and 13, and I was a political snob thought I knew it all.golfday

I was convinced if there was a political problem, I had the answer, if there was an economic problem then the boobs in Washington were just dunces and corny capitalist that didn’t give a damn about the little guy.

Then, I became the little guy.  Trapped in health care system that doesn’t work unless you work it.  It doesn’t care about your blood cell counts, it doesn’t care about your next chemotherapy cycle, nor does it care about advanced treatments.

It cares about what someone else is willing to pay…aka insurance companies or Obamacare…whatever.

My wife and I researched, studied, and learned all we could about the cancer I was facing and thank God we did, because the healthcare industry sure as hell didn’t know what to do.

I entered chemotherapy in mid July 2015 and my world was changed forever. I hated the process of healthcare, I hated the hoops I had to jump through, and I hated the system as a whole.  Then, I meet the most amazing women in the nurses on the oncology ward of Baptist East Hospital.  They took me in as family, cared for me as one of their own, and their compassion renewed a lost faith in the good in people.

I have spent  7 months with these amazing people and counting and I have come to the conclusion that the compassion, caring, and love these people have given me is what we are destined to be on this planet.

Earth isn’t our last stop…………..the nurses at Baptist East taught me that……it is just a jumping off point to a better place.

Back to politics, Trump isn’t the answer, nor is Cruz, or The Bern…………….we are the answer.  Ignore the insults, put down the partisan crap, realize that in the end all you have is your family, your memories, and not much else.

Who the hell is President…………doesn’t really mean that much….enjoy the beauty of the people around you, enjoy their differences, and most of all enjoy today because God doesn’t promise you tomorrow and when you worry there may be no tomorrows that actually means something.


Yes………..I have turned into a squish………SQUISHY-dory-28086706-500-260

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